Our lifestyle patterns have a profound effect on our ageing. Thanks to our modern lifestyle, the age at which we start showing the signs of ageing has reduced considerably over the years, from 50 years to 30 years. Lifestyle patterns in combination with genes and environmental factors determine our ageing process. Ageing is not just about the external visible signs on the skin but it occurs at a cellular level.

Ageing begins with oxidative stress which is a result of cellular damage caused by excessive free radicals. Free radicals are a by-product of our body metabolism. Lifestyle factors like untimely meals, processed food, stress, irregular sleep patterns, environmental pollution, prolonged exposure to sun and lack of exercise increases the production of these free radicals in the cells, beyond what is necessary. This in turn damages our cell and leads to pre-mature ageing.

Anti-oxidants are the warriors that defeat these excess free radicals. Certain nutrients present in food act as anti-oxidants and help improve internal health. But the exact type and quantity of the antioxidants required by an individual to eliminate the excess free radicals can be identified only by analyzing the DNA. Since each one of us has a unique DNA, the response of the body to the nutrients is also unique. Hence, each of us needs a unique combination of optimal nutrients customized as per our DNA to delay our ageing process. A DNA test not only reveals the reasons for ageing but also helps us understand the way in which the body would respond to various nutrients and the exact combination of nutrients that would help delay ageing.

After the numerous cutting edge researches and studies done at various international universities, it has been now found that the optimal nutrients can be customized in the form of nutritional supplements and can be supplied to the body to fight oxidative stress and delay ageing. The science of customizing nutrition intake as per the DNAs response to the nutrients is called Nutrigenomics.

There are a number of ‘anti-oxidants’ available off-the-shelf in form of dietary supplements, which are currently being used by a large number of people. However, keeping in mind that the problem really is ‘excess’ free radicals which need to be tackled, it becomes very important to ensure that the necessary oxidative reactions of the cell are not suppressed by non-specific anti-oxidant combinations. Hence, the DNA test becomes the key to arrive at the optimal nutritional support for each individual.

Since ageing is not just about the visible signs but also about the overall health, we need to delay ageing inside-out for a healthy life and a healthy skin. Nutrients customized as per our DNA wrestling the excess free radicals at a cellular level and customized external applicants reducing the signs of ageing from outside and gives glowing and wrinkle free skin, together can help us age gracefully. These solutions are now available to slow down the body’s ageing process and add vitality to the years that we live.